Mini Cottage

Tiny Home with Kitchen and Bath
(Pilot Program)


  • Tiny Home
  • In-Law Unit
  • Rental Unit
  • Guest House
  • Adult Child Coming Home
  • Backyard Casita

…and many other uses!


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Mini Cottage

Do you need to create a backyard dwelling unit for a family member, or do you wish you had a rental unit to generate income? It’s a great idea, but making it a reality can be a daunting challenge. Should you order plans over the internet? Should you consider a kit building and hire local contractors for foundation, plumbing, & electrical? What about codes & permits? Instead of all those hassles, with our new “Mini-Cottage”, our goal is to provide a complete backyard dwelling unit without the need to hire multiple contractors, or incur expensive design costs. We start with our basic designs, construct the building, use our trusted subcontractors, and even handle the permit process for you.

Service Area – during the Pilot Program, our Mini Cottage will be offered only in our “local service area”. They are not available in our “extended service area” at this time.

Sizes – our Mini Cottage will be available in sizes ranging from 144 sq. ft. (12×12) up to 480 sq. ft. (20×24).

Installation – The Shed Shop will handle everything needed for the project including site prep, foundation, electrical, plumbing, kitchen and bath, permits, and dealing with the city.

Options & Pricing – Pricing depends on many factors and will be quoted after a consultation. We will offer nice but simple options to help keep costs down. If you are looking for a designer building with lots of choices, we encourage you to
look for a traditional building contractor instead.

Pilot Program update as of 6/04/18 – due to higher than expected demand, our pilot program is on hold until we can work through the number of clients who have already expressed an interest. Please check back with us periodically for further updates.