How The Shed Shop Compares to Our Competition

Home Depot & Lowe's

  • Often no knowledgeable sales staff to answer questions and discuss options
  • Limited shed choices or options
  • Confusion & frustration having to deal with two companies; the retailer AND the subcontractor

Tuff Shed

  • Most people agree Shed Shop buildings are more residential friendly in their appearance
  • Tuff Shed buildings appear to cost less, but when our standard features are factored in, pricing is very similar
  • …for example, even on Tuff Shed’s top-of-the-line “Pro Series”; vents, window, radiant barrier roof decking, and 30 yr. dimensional shingles all cost extra.
  • …plus every Shed Shop shed has an elevated floor system, lifetime floor guarantee, double ridge beams… items which Tuff Shed does not offer

Best Shed Ever

By the clever use of their name they claim to have the "best shed ever" and claim to have the "same quality for 20 – 30% less than the big shed companies." However, when we compare their standard features listed on their web site with the standard features of our best-selling "Classic" shed line, we count at least 12 items in which our "Classic" is superior. But don’t take our word for it. Go see a BSE building and then visit our showroom; we are both in Fremont; and decide for yourself which building has the better quality.

Individual Shed Builders Advertising on Craigslist

  • Ask the shed builder if they have liability and worker’s compensation insurance, which shields you from liability for accidents that could happen on your property
  • Ask about a warranty and their ability to give long term customer service
  • Beware of giving a deposit to anyone who doesn’t have a place of business

Out-of-State Sheds For Sale Over the Internet

  • Customer must assemble and waterproof the shed themselves
  • Shipping costs can be a significant part of the total price
  • Often comes with no floor or roofing
  • No demo buildings to inspect in person before ordering
  • No repair or warranty service available after the sale

Metal Shed Kits

  • Moisture condenses on metal, meaning everything inside will be exposed to moisture & mildew
  • Their drab (dare we say "ugly") appearance is a major concern for most Bay Area Homeowners
  • Assembly has been described as a nightmare

No mediocre sheds from big warehouse stores!

"I wasted valuable time at Home Depot and on the phone with Tuff Shed. Fortunately I was referred to The Shed Shop."
Virginia S., Lafayette

"I am still impressed with the quality of my Shed Shop shed when I compare it to my dad's Tuff Shed."
Randall K., Newark

"We looked at a Tuff Shed but we thought the Shed Shop product was better constructed."
Bonnie M., Los Altos

"A room addition was too expensive and Tuff Shed didn't have a quality building in the size we wanted."
Gary P., Walnut Creek

"We kept looking for a cheaper shed but we could not find any we liked. Our Shed Shop shed is the same design as our home."
John L., Concord