Your Own Workshop or Hobby Room
Enjoy your hobby again with a new Shed Shop shed.

Create your very own space for a:

  • Workshop
  • Hobby room
  • Woodworking shop
  • Pottery studio
  • Tool shed
  • Place to putter
  • and many other uses!

Fast Facts

  • Each building is "built-to-order"; we'll help you design your ownWorkshop or Hobby Room from our long list of features & options.
  • On-site consultation available before you place your order
  • Price includes local delivery and complete set-up on site
  • 5 Year limited warranty; Lifetime floor warranty

Examples (View more)

  • 8x15 Tall Classic - Price as Shown: $4178 or $104/mo. O.A.C. + tax, unpainted
    Wood Shop

    ""It's nice to have my own ‘man' space!... and my wife is happy that I can again build projects for the house."
    Dennis W., San Jose CA

  • 8x12 Tall Classic - Priced as shown $3384 or $85/mo. O.A.C. + tax, unpainted.
    Surfboard Shop

    "I need a place to work on surfboards. Because I use fiberglass, I needed a shed with good containment for myself and my neighbors."
    Matt W., Alameda, CA

  • 10x12 Tall Classic - Price as Shown: $3818 or $95/mo. O.A.C + tax, unpainted
    Model Train Room

    "For 15 years I have wanted to unpack my trains and start a lay-out. With no basement or attic, a Shed Shop shed was the answer."
    John D., Walnut Creek

  • 10x12 Studio Office - Typical Price: $13,821 or $346/mo. O.A.C. + fees and hookup
    Pottery Studio

    "My pottery equipment was all over the house. Now I have my very own studio with my tools and supplies all in one place."
    Allison P., San Jose, CA

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