Real stories and pictures from our customers illustrating how a
Shed Shop shed has made life easier and more fun!

Grandkids Playhouse

We have four grandchildren – two boys and two girls.  The boys like to have sleepovers, and they feel like they’ve gone camping – the girls do their girl stuff in there.  What I didn’t realize is how nice it would look in the corner of my yard… like a Carmel mini-cottage.  Someday when the kids are too big to play in it, we will have it as auxiliary storage.  It’s all around a winner for the whole family.

Cathy K., Los Altos

Music Playhouse

We wanted something the boys could use to play their music and hang out with their friends.

Mike & Diana L., San Jose

Kids Playhouse

It’s a play haven for our girls and their friends, and will be great for future sleepovers.

Jenny J., Rancho Cordova

Backyard Schoolhouse

It was the perfect solution for home-schooling our adopted daughter from Russia. The children love it as do all the adults that see it.

Barbi N., Livermore

Katy’s Cottage

It’s like having an extra room without the inconvenience or large expense of doing a remodel. Katy couldn’t be happier!

Pam O., Los Gatos

Priceless Playhouse

As a stay-at home mom, I felt we deserved a playhouse for my children as well as for my sanity. We looked for playhouses as well as play equipment. After several frustrating experiences, we found The Shed Shop. I was pleasantly surprised with the people and their ability to give us what we wanted. The pictures tell the story. The benefits I have because of this playhouse are priceless!!

Denise Z., San Ramon

Grandma’s Playhouse

When I was 5 years old my dad built a beautiful playhouse for me, so I decided to fulfill my dream of a ‘Grandma’s Playhouse’. I use it for art projects… my next project is to organize my mothers photos. Because the shed is so spacious, I can spread them all out and not have to clean them up as if they were on the dining room table.

Ellen L., Pleasanton


Randy’s Beer Cave

This “shed” is my place to be. It is furnished with an armchair, skull stuff, my toolbox, workbench, futon, the ubiquitous beer fridge, stereo, and a really cool dartboard. My “man’s shed” is the best place on earth. I am still impressed with the quality when I compare it to my dad’s TuffShed.

Randy K., Newark, CA