Why Buy Your Shed From Us?

1. No company has more Bay Area experience than The Shed Shop…30 years/17,000 sheds.

  • We’ve worked in every city & county, and in all types of Bay Area yards.
  • We’ve built sheds every way possible. We know what works & what doesn’t; what is necessary, and how to save money. We’ve learned from our experiences, mistakes, successes, and failures. Let our experience save you time and money.

2. No company offers more models & options than The Shed Shop

  • With 9 models and over 40 sizes, chances are we’ll have just the right shed to fit your spot and meet your needs.
  • You can get plain or fancy; gable or single slope; short or tall; narrow or wide; standard or custom; shed, studio, or garage
  • We have sheds for all budgets, starting around $2,000.

3. No one offers more valuable assistance than The Shed Shop.

  • We’re available to help & answer questions during business hours
    Don’t underestimate this benefit. Try finding knowledgeable help at the big warehouse stores; or try leaving phone messages with a one‐person shed company.
  • We have full size demo buildings you can see at our local showroom
    Instead of choosing a shed from photos or drawings, at The Shed Shop you can view all models and options in person. You’ll be able to walk inside the different height options.
    You’ll know exactly which model and options to choose.
    We’re open M‐F 9‐5 and Sat 10‐4; no appointment necessary.
  • We offer professional on‐site shed consultations at your property
    We’ll help you choose the best shed to fit your space and meet your needs.
    Gives you confidence that you are making the right choices.
  • Bay Area delivery and on‐site set‐up is included in ALL our prices
    Unlike some companies, we do NOT use 3rd party subcontractors or day‐laborers to build your shed.
  • We can arrange ALL of the following services if needed:
    Old shed removal, and site preparation
    Building permit procurement if required
    Concrete slabs and/or foundations
    Electrical shed wiring packages, simple or complex
    Contractor’s Lic. No. 1062810

 4. No line of sheds has as many practical uses as The Shed Shop

  • We’ve identified over 85 practical uses for our sheds… storage, workshop, hobby room, home office, art studio, exercise room, playhouse… and many more!