Real stories and pictures from our customers illustrating how a
Shed Shop shed has made life easier and more fun!

Home Office

We needed an office for our adult daughter who is living at home… a place for her to get her work done away from the distractions of the house. The size of our building (10×14) needed a permit and the Shed Shop dealt with the city for us. They took care of the foundation, electrical, and interior finish. The Shed Shop was so accommodating and the quality of work is incredible, and we stayed on schedule the whole way through.

Patricia M., Danville

Man Cave

For years I’ve always wanted to have my own space.  We were going to add a room… a “man cave”… as part of a remodel, but decided to do a shed instead.  It was less expensive, less disruptive to our home, and the Shed Shop “Studio” provided everything I was looking for.  We’ve named it “The Doug House”.

Doug L., Fremont

Music Studio

What I love most about my Shed Shop music studio is that I get to work at home without actually being in the house. Walking out to my studio takes me into a different world of work and creativity, but I can still be around if my family needs me. It’s a separate space that has added tremendous value to my home, and I don’t have to spend thousands of dollars a year renting a studio.

Kelleth C., Berkeley

Family Room

We needed a space away from the noise and activity of the house for our kids to do their homework. The Shed Shop “Studio” fit this need perfectly. Now that we have it, we’re finding that other family members are using it like a miniretreat room for reading, watching TV, and other activities where peace and quiet are easier to come by.

Tina K., Los Altos

Home Office

We needed a solution to my growing home business – my work had overtaken the dining room, which was a terrible place to try to work amidst the chaos of my family. I desperately needed a quiet space to work that allowed me to separate my business from my personal life. My Shed Shop shed/ studio has become my sanctuary, my sanity-saving oasis of tranquility. The amount of happiness it has brought me is immeasurable.

Leslie O., Pleasanton

Tutoring Studio

We really needed an extra space for therapy for my son that was separate from the house where noises and activity wouldn’t disturb the focused tutoring that needed to happen. The look and quality needed to feel like a little cottage that would match the house and surroundings. I wanted it to look quaint. The interior needed to be just like inside the house with electrical and internet connectivity. I also wanted to deal with just one company to make it all happen – The Shed Shop took care of everything.

Jennifer S., San Mateo


Pottery Studio

I got a flyer in the mail from The Shed Shop and thought this would be a marvelous thing for my pottery studio. I’ve got all my things on the back patio – it’s difficult to work there because of the weather. A Shed Shop studio would be nice because it would be out of the weather and they are really cute… they look like little houses. My husband was first opposed when he heard shed, but after we visited the showroom, we were sold.

Allison P., San Jose


Reading Room

We looked at two other companies… “Modern Shed” and “Studio Shed”. They are both out of state so they arranged for some of their local customers to let us go see them. It was a difficult process and somewhat uncomfortable. With “The Shed Shop”, we could just go to the Fremont showroom to see the finished models – it was so much easier, and half the cost as the others.

Holli C., Fremont



Art Studio

I’m a fine art painter, but I can’t do oil-painting in the house because of the smell. Doing oils in the garage doesn’t work either because of all the dust, debris, and spiders that could spoil a freshly painted canvas. I really wanted and needed my own space. I first looked at “Modern Shed” in Colorado. They had a cool design but they didn’t do the assembly – it was going to be this guy from Livermore who was going to put it together. It didn’t feel right. The Shed Shop was a local company who also put it together – I liked that better.

Ruth-Anne S., Palo Alto