Real stories and pictures from our customers illustrating how a
Shed Shop shed has made life easier and more fun!

Wood Shop

My wife and I visited the Shed Shop and Home Depot which carried another brand. We decided on the Shed Shop even though it was a little more expensive, because they required less ground preparation and their construction seemed a little better than the other shed provider. They also were willing to take down the old, rusty, metal shed and haul it away for a reasonable price.

Dennis W., San Jose

Bell Craft Studio

I craft bells from recycled air cylinders. My display room was getting over-crowded so I needed a new space to keep my extra bells. I was thinking of converting one of the rooms in my house, but didn’t want to lose the living space. The amount of room that can be utilized in the shed is great. I didn’t think I could fit that many inside, but about 100 bells are now stored and ready for sale.

Silvio M., Half Moon Bay

Machine Shop

The Shed Shop gave us a better variety with what I wanted to do compared to other shed companies, especially when it came to the benches I needed. Now I can rebuild an entire automotive engine in my shop. I’m supposed to be retired but this is my big playhouse, and the aesthetics of the shed enhances my yard.

Jerry M., Pleasanton

Surfboard Shop

I make and repair surfboards. Making a surfboard uses fiberglass so I needed a good shed for containment for both myself and my neighbors. I was thinking about making one myself but realized it was beyond my abilities. You can see how it’s working out from the photos. I do fiberglassing and sanding on surfboards. I have also created a “sand box” to catch excess resin and put up shelves to hold my supplies.

Mtt W., Alameda

Man Cave

My shed is finished inside, has beautiful wooden floors, track lighting, two windows, a skylight and painted a beautiful yellow. This extra room in my garden is great for reading, relaxing, storage and planning business projects. This shed has cable TV and a telephone/ computer line. My daughter has left home and gone to college but she still calls to ask how I am doing, and more importantly, if I still love my sheds. The answer is always yes.

David M., Oakland

Christmas Village Shed

I collect “Dept. 56” villages, and every December I had to remove my dining room furniture to make room for my display. It take a lot of time to set up so I’m in no hurry to put it away. However we really need the dining room so away it must go. I decided I wanted a place to permanently set up my villages. We looked at a “TuffShed” but we thought the Shed Shop product was much better constructed.

Bonnie M., Los Altos

Workshop & Pet House

In my new shed I do painting, sewing, and other crafty things. It’s bright and cheerful and finished with the bead board and. At 6×12 it is on the small size, but the biggest I could squeeze into the yard. Overall, I think it’s the cutest “dog house” ever and the pups allow me to use part of it cause they like my company.

Verna G., Benicia

Quilters Studio

My wife is a quilter, and she was trying to use a 10×10 bedroom for quilting, office, AND computer room. A room addition would have been too expensive and Tuff Shed didn’t have a large building in the quality we were looking for. The Shed Shop built us a 12×20 completely finished quilt studio. Now I don’t see my wife for hours when she retreats to her Studio which she calls her “heavenly space”.

Gary P., Walnut Creek

Model Train Room

What every model railroader needs is more space. My train modules were in storage or in the attic, and I needed a clean dry space to store and work on them. The Shed Shop was able to design my Studio to meet my needs, the main one was needing the windows placed high on the wall to accommodate my train modules. Also a big plus was the exterior of the Studio matches my home very well. After shopping around, I knew I was not going to get this level of service from the other vendors.

John M., Danville